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We design websites that deliver results

Not everybody needs a website, but if you have a business or any need for networking, an online presence is a must. A website can be as simple as an online business card, but has unlimited potential if you're looking for something more complex.

Want My Web designs clean sites that look good, follow current coding and design trends, match the look of an existing business and deliver results.

Do you need a website?

If you own a business, the answer is almost always YES! Some businesses need a website to showcase a line of products or services while others simply need a website to present a professional look. A website not only provides the purpose, history and location of a business, but it also provides credibility. Consider two similar businesses: one has a professional, responsive website and the other is not online. The business without a website will look more like a hobby. The business that is online not only has instant credibility, but it also has the chance to sell itself to potential customers.

Even if you don’t own a business, you may choose to have a website for personal reasons, such as to maintain a blog or have an online resume. Others may simply register a domain with use it to host email with a custom address, such as jane@smithfamilyemail.com.

Why hire Want My Web to design your site?

Many people know someone who designs websites as a hobby. Others click ads for web design offers from companies such as VistaPrint. Both options may sound appealing at first, but prove more costly and less effective in the end. Poorly designed sites fail to draw customers and eventually need to be redesigned. Sites offered through companies such as VistaPrint often are of low quality and are not optimized for search engines. These sites, which often cost anywhere from $200-500 per year, disappear when you stop paying. With Want My Web, you own your site. Whether you host it with us or elsewhere, the site is your property. There are no continuing fees for the design.

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Want My Web builds websites of all sizes — from complex sites to pages with only the information you’re familiar with on a business card. Whether your site will be a starter site, a rebuild or the first step of a brand launch, we’re ready to work with you and can prepare a custom quote if requested! Contact us today to get started!

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