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Much like every business needs a website, every website needs a host. Web hosting is what makes a site accessible.

Want My Web hosts clients' sites on industry-leading computer servers at world-class data centers. Top data centers provide the reliability and security required today to keep a website actively available. The only thing worse than not having a website is having one that potential customers can not access.

What is web hosting?

Files that make up websites are stored on a computer to be accessed by people, or at least other computers. While it is possible to host a Web site on a home computer, professional sites are maintained on computers built as servers, with the hardware and software required to make the site visible to visitors. To do this, the server needs to always be on and connected to the Internet.

Not sure which plan to pick? Start small and change as needed. There's no fee to change plans.

When selecting a hosting plan, the first features listed are typically disk space and bandwidth. Disk space is for the files that make up your site and bandwidth handles the amount of visitors accessing your site. Our Economy Plan allows for 100 MegaBytes of space and 3 GigaBytes of bandwidth, both enough for a typical Web site. The Premier Plan allows 400 MB of space and 10 GB of bandwidth and the Executive Plan allows for 850 MB of space and 25 GB of bandwidth.

We understand the difficulty in selecting between different amounts of disk space, bandwidth and other features. If you have no idea what you will require, start small with our Economy Plan and adjust as needed. If you notice the amount of space is too small for your needs, contact us for an immediate upgrade. There's no fee to upgrade (or downgrade!).

No matter what your hosting needs are, WantMyWeb.com can handle it with ease. All of our packages offer the ability to have an e-mail address that matches your domain name, the installation of blogs and forums, scripts for photo galleries and mailing lists, content management systems, such as Joomla! and WordPress, page-building tools and much more.

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All hosting plans include standard features such as cPanel access, Softaculous one-click software installation, site analytics, FTP (File Transfer Protocol) access and nightly backup services. Contact us with any questions.

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